Celtic gets the Champions League boost, More clubs sponsored by igaming companies

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Celtic recently announced the results for the second half of 2012 and it couldn’t have showed different results. With the qualification to the last 16 of this season’s tournament, the club posted strong profit as a result of almost doubling the revenue compared to 2011/2012 season.

Celtic boosts revenue with Champions League qualification. Photo: Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images Sport
Celtic boosts revenue with Champions League qualification. Photo: Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images Sport

This only reiterates the importance of performing well in the greatest League in the world and the organizations see the rewards already in the same year of success.

According to Soccerex, Celtic has passed the £50M mark in revenue for the mentioned half, a 71% increase against the same period last season. Not only this helps the club financially, but also on the PR field.

Celtic has steep increase of revenue, despite loss to Juventus on first leg tonight

The press has been pushing the club’s name all the time and despite having lost to Italian giants of Juventus tonight for 3-0 at Celtic Park, all this media will definitely convert in fans in the coming future.

Three years after, someone writes about a “trend” of igaming companies sponsoring football clubs

On a second note, today I bumped into an article about a “trend” of igaming companies sponsoring football clubs (aha, I’ve seen this one before!).

Even though the writer and source are not credible, and the article seems to be written just to gain in the Search Engine Optimization battle, it is nice to read about something that you have discussed before, specially three years earlier!

I tackled this subject on the winter of 2010, when the industry was being regulated in major markets, such as France, Italy and Spain.

This phenomenon only tends to grow, once more and more markets will become regulated and companies will have to find a way to stand out from others when it comes to advertising.

And what better way to do that than reaching a large numbers of loyal fans of football and for the matter, any sport?

I can see not only Leagues sponsored by these companies in the future, but also “network” of clubs, from all sizes and places, similar to what Coca-Cola used to do in the 80′s and 90′s.

This could both lead to something very good, as most of this money comes from bets in the game, which means the money stays in the industry, as a fuel to the clubs. But could also be bad if these companies start to interfere in the game for their own good.

That would happen mostly because they have been merging with fierce speed in the attempt of taking the highest share of the market which could end with just a few conglomerates owning most of the brands and maybe controlling this “football money” in their direction.

In this sense, we must just hope for the best and expect that everything goes well and the money is put into good use.